Mt. Robson Day Hikes: Toboggan Falls and Cave – Mt. Robson Provincial Park


Mt. Robson is a premier hiking destination any backpacker should have on their list. For a full description of how to get to Berg Lake Campground check my previous blog for the details!

On Day 3 of our backpacking trip to the Mt. Robson area, the clouds were looming and a light mist filled the air. One might be seduced to sit inside the Shelter all day – playing cards, munching on trail mix, reading, and napping – however, the mountains are always calling for you to explore them – and if there is even a slight break in the weather – get out and explore!

Toboggan Falls is a short steep trail that leads to an interesting cave and some stellar views of the area.

How To Get There:

4.2km return to and from Berg Lake Campground
504m Elevation Gain

Starting from the Shelter, cross the bridge and follow the trail markings for Toboggan Falls. The water rushes powerfully over limestone slabs carving amazing shapes everywhere you turn.


The trail travels steeply upward beside the flowing water. At some points it looks like an amazing water slide – a crazy carpet ride you’d never forget!



The best part about waterfalls is they look spectacular no matter the weather. You don’t need a bluebird day to enjoy the sites!


After the rocky climb, you will eventually reach a four way intersection with trails headed to either Mumm Basin or the Hargreaves Glacier. To reach the cave, continue straight and upward. The views will open up as you go higher.



The 30m cave will eventually be visible to you as you reach the ridge. Look for a large rectangular opening along the hillside. We came prepared to explore – a headlamp is essential – as well as a rain jacket and waterproof pants. The cave is wet – and if you were thinking of squishing through some of the tight spaces you’ll thank yourself later.

The cave entrance viewed from the inside:


Are you afraid of the dark??


Water droplets form on the celling:


The cave itself is easily travelled.


It is possible to continue hiking upward on top of the cave. The boys made the climb as the storm moved in closer.


We eventually made our way back down the mountain to the Shelter for the evening. A large rain storm almost flooded the campsite with such force and power. The Shelter provided a great place to hide, play cards, and wait out the worst. We hoped the next day would be clear as we wanted desperately to hike Snowbird Pass. Turns out we get lucky. Check the Snowbird Pass Day hike out in the following blog. One of the best day hikes in the Canadian Rockies hands down!

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